1Who can I call to ask a question about the neighborhood?

You can call our Association Manager,  Mike Bashford at 907-345-4110.

How much are the HOA dues, and when should I pay them?

Effective as of December 31st, 2021: The 2022 dues are $1950 annually, divided into two installments of $975. One payment is due on January 1, and one on July 1. You can always mail or hand-deliver a check to Real Estate Unlimited, or you can click HERE to pay online.  Please note, if you choose to pay online, you will need to set up an account with the vendor who processes the payment (the link will take you there.) Your account number can be found on your bill. There is a service charge added by the credit card company which will be displayed before you pay. The HOA does not profit from the credit card fee in any way.

There are dogs running loose on my street. What shall I do?

Please call Animal Control at 907-343-8122.

I want to install a fence. Can I?

Please submit the Architectural Improvement form with your proposed fence detailed on it, and a member of the committee will get back to you soon.

I want to paint my house. Can I?

Houses must be painted according to the Subdivision Declarations. Please complete the Paint Approval Form, submit to REU, and a response will be provided within 14 days of a complete House Paint Approval Form.

Can I leave my RV / boat / snow machines on my driveway?

Yes, subject to the time of year. Please refer to the RV parking policy for more information.

My mailbox has broken. How do I get another one?

Please submit the Mailbox Request form.

What color should I paint my mailbox?

Please refer to the Mailbox Paint Color information

What day is trash collected?

Trash is collected on Wednesday mornings. Recycling is collected every other Wednesday. Occasionally a holiday changes our collection day so please check with Alaska Waste to confirm the schedule if you are unsure. Trash cans must not be left out overnight.

How can I become involved in the HOA?

We are always looking for neighbors to become involved! Please contact Mike to express your interest in joining a committee or the Board.